Vacation in Italy //
photo gallery by
Peter Gannushkin

Reflected Italy glass doors and windows views April 13-24, 2006 Italian Love Story all we need is ... April 14-24, 2006 People of Florence do they look different? April 24, 2006 City of Florence one sunny day, the last one April 24, 2006 People of Ischia tourists mostly, not all of them are human April 15-18, 2006 Island of Ischia you can see capri from here April 15-18, 2006 People of Naples it doesn't look easy to live here April 14-15, 2006 City of Naples narrow streets, walk fast April 14-15, 2006 People of Rome all kinds, restless, busy, like us April 13-23, 2006 City of Rome old, very old, ancient April 13-23, 2006 Airport in Paris had to kill the time here April 13, 25, 2006